We are now in preview 🎉

What does preview mode means?

It means that we're still under early stage of development, but we have finished some part of the app and would love to starting getting feedback of this part.

As told above the app is still early in it's development and can contain bugs, but with your help finding this bugs we can polish the app faster and together.

Starting with mobile support

As part of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we have focused on the mobile where we see the most people will use the app so therefore if you are on desktop and thinks it looks wierd it could be because of that.

Continuous updates

A part of a early app is that you will follow along with the product and see it grow and get better and better. You will also have the opportunity with your feedback make impact of the product future and features.


We don't have any plans of making money of the app at the moment, but as a early adopter you will get the crown of forever free if it will change in the future.