Keep it simple

Everything you need to keep track of your PRs

We wanted a simple app so we can track PRs (Personal Records) and with easy access to things that matters like percentage calculator. Nothing to bloated, just an app doing one thing very well.

What to expect

Here some thing you can expect as experience in the app

  • Pre-filled list of movements
  • Pre-filled list of benchmarks
  • Simple keep track of your record
  • History for Barbell Movements
  • History for benchmarks
  • Easy access percentage calculator
  • Add simple note per entry

What not to expect

We're trying to do one thing good so this is things you can't expect

  • WOD generating app
  • A community with other members
  • Bloated with everything


Intrested what the app looks like? Here you can some screenshots

Movemments list
Percentage calculator
Percentage calculator
Calculator and history in single view